Chalmit Lighting, UK

Chalmit Lighting is a world leading supplier of premium quality Fluorescent, HID & LED lighting products for use in hazardous area, industrial & marine applications. Chalmit recently introduced Explosion Proof LED Flood Lighting Products with emergency battery backup. Chalmit is an active member of the “Lighting Industry Federation (LIF)” Chalmit can provide a complete product range that complies with all international codes and standards like, ATEX, IECEx, CSA, GB, CEPEL & GOST etc. Chalmit Lighting products are installed in different oil & gas fields in Pakistan. Chalmit can also facilitate in designing of plant lighting projects. OMV, MOL-Pakistan, Lotte Chemicals, PPL, Descon, PGNIG, Byco, Hub Power, PDIL & ENI are regular customers of Chalmit Lighting products. Please visit website of Chalmit Lighting for further detail of their products.